Mixed Up 2011

by Caitlin Schneiderman



released June 3, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Your Way
took a swing today
made a choice, your way
never just quit it
never admit it

on repeat all night
pickin' fights left and right
doubt in a closed mind
broken heart inside

i can’t feel it
i lost my sense of touch
i can’t care anymore
i care too much

tryin' not to show it
hidin' and you know it
aren’t ya scared of how you’ll wind up?
can't you ever make your mind up?

thinkin' you’ll win it
wait just a minute
who are you to cry?
it was you who lied

i can’t feel it
i lost my sense of touch
i can’t care anymore
i care too much

I hope that you know
you’re the reason im singing
but it's not what you're thinkin'
and it's not what you're hopin'
i would be sayin'

man it's just not fair
that you just sat there
twiddlin’ your thumbs
playin' with the big guns

knockin' down every pin
keep the ball rollin
got a strike tonight
won the game outright

i cant feel it
i lost my sense of touch
i cant care anymore
i care too much
care too much
care too much
Track Name: Timbuktu
i don't care where you are
in timbuktu or even more far
i'll be the old standby
i'm prepared to love you clear until the day i die
i dont know why

and i don't know the way to go
the road that's old and curvey and slow
or the one with all the flashing lights
whichever is the better way to get to you tonight
to get to you tonight

when i'm safe a sound
i'm wishing i could roam around
out in the great unknown
i'm tappin' my heels for home

i’m in a dream with you
meet you on the path
i didn't hold my breath
i got a bird's eye view
you came and were gone
and i forgot all the rest

i can't hide my love it’s clear
i don't care how i may appear
i'm not afraid to say it if it's true
i would sing this song standing right in front of you
that's what i wanna do
that's what i wanna do
Track Name: Overgrown Clover
he was raised where the cattle roam
where the clover is overgrown
where the dust stains your skin
and the storms stumble in

on a winding canyon trail
he walked till his feet stood still
singing his high lonesome tune
to the golden moon

yippee ki yi yay
yippee ki yi yo

many tried to take him in
don't know how i came to win
livin' on borrowed time
did not it shine?
did not it shine?

yippee ki yi yay
yippee ki yi yo

yippee ki yi yay
yippee ki yi yo

if ever there was a man
who deserved a second chance
it was him lord it was him

one dark summer night
the wind blew out the light
gone with no concern
never to return

yippee ki yi yay
yippee ki yi yo

yippee ki yi yay
yippee ki yi yo
Track Name: I'm Sorry, Baby
i'm sorry, baby what more can i say?
i still feel the same as i did yesterday
and tomorrow will be no different from today
i'll say i'm sorry and just be on my way

you want me to vow my true love to you
well i'm sorry, honny that's impossible for me to do
i think you love me because i don't want you to
and i'm really very sorry for what i'm tellin' you

what's that they say about playin' your cards right?
not foldin' too easy or holdin' too tight
you've already lost
you’ve already lost

i know it hurts, i've felt it first hand
heartaches not something pride can withstand
but you turned me away 'cause i wouldn't call you my man
now it really doesn't matter how sorry I am
Track Name: So hot, so cold
so hot, so cold
so sunny when its snowing

i'm caught can't move
icicles are growing

between us lies a frozen highway,
sends shivers up my spine
that you’re just sixteen miles away

you would stay put,
but you sense how i am yearning

don’t get frostbit
embers here are burning

i live on a frozen island
in the middle of the road
be careful while you're drivin'.

bartender pours another round,
we sit and play guitar
for the one man in the crowd