Ain't Got a Right to Be Blue 2016

by Caitlin Schneiderman

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if the world can turn about
without the water fallin’ out
if the sun can sit up in the sky
and never blink an eye

as long as lillies burst into bloom
as long as july keeps followin' june
as long as the day is new
i ain't got a right to be blue

hear the robin singin’ her song
never worryin’ if the notes are wrong
that old river rollin’ lazily
will get where its goin’ eventually

maybe the stars look down from the sky
wishin' on me the wish they wish tonight
then it really ain't all that bad
i a'int got a right to be sad

que sera sera whatever will be will be
the future’s not ours
not ours to see

ain't gonna waste another day
worryin' my life away
i got better things to do
ain't got a right to be anything but happy
ain't got a right to be blue


released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved