I'm Sorry, Baby

from by Caitlin Schneiderman

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i'm sorry, baby what more can i say?
i still feel the same as i did yesterday
and tomorrow will be no different from today
i'll say i'm sorry and just be on my way

you want me to vow my true love to you
well i'm sorry, honny that's impossible for me to do
i think you love me because i don't want you to
and i'm really very sorry for what i'm tellin' you

what's that they say about playin' your cards right?
not foldin' too easy or holdin' too tight
you've already lost
you’ve already lost

i know it hurts, i've felt it first hand
heartaches not something pride can withstand
but you turned me away 'cause i wouldn't call you my man
now it really doesn't matter how sorry I am


from Mixed Up 2011, track released November 7, 2014



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