more comfortable 2017

by Caitlin Schneiderman



I started this song years ago, about having the divine fortune of meeting my sweetie. I'm too chicken to play it for him, so I recorded it! Blast it in ur car? Love you all!


i’ve never looked into eyes so warm
never felt more comfortable in anyone’s arms
play me that song on your electric guitar
every little note, ya know the one you wrote, the one i adore
what was that chord?

friday night after work at the store
we sat on the curb at the ice cream parlor
a thousand rain drops fell on your glasses
lost my train of thought in your long eyelashes

writing five years has taken too long
i'm a little bit chicken to play you this song
what if i crack and the moment is gone
what if every note gets trapped inside my throat and i hit something wrong?
what if you yawn?

a telescope sold at the pharmacy
looking at you, looking at the moon
walkin' along in the peonies
holding your hand in the early afternoon


released March 2, 2017



all rights reserved