The Clifton Store Song 2015

by Caitlin Schneiderman



I walk in and i hear people talkin'
all our conversations i don’t even recall them
i don’t hear a word they say

i’m workin’ myself into the ground
and when i’m not workin', i’m just hangin' around
waitin' on the sun to go down

the smell of cigars creeps into my clothes
and i count the minutes ’til three
every day i do as i’m told
smile and keep makin’ coffee

like a vision you walked through the door
in my dirty old apron i was sweepin’ the floor
i’d never seen you in here before

you sat down and ordered a beer
every friday afternoon for a year
to where did you dissappear?

the blue of your eyes made my heart freeze
and made my fingers burn
gonna let this old place cut me off at my knees
waiting for your return

wrote a letter but i don’t know where to send it
should i keep it or throw it out to sea
it's floating in a bottle, you reach for it and open it
and you take in the last sip, leavin' it empty

the boss man tells me i’m doin' fine
said he’ll raise me a dollar if i stay on the line
there's so much i could do with that time

i could sit on the edge of the opposite coast
and watch the waves reach for the shore
but i ain’t sitting here singing to a ghost
and i don’t wanna see you no more
said i’m tired of this town and i’m leaving for sure


released March 9, 2016



all rights reserved